VIEWPOINT is a photography studio based in Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire (Bucks), operated by Paul Mason and offers a range of photographic services from Advertising, commercial and event photography through to printing, framing and all other imaging and digital effects services.

Viewpoint has been operating since 1991 and works with large multi-national companies, advertising agencies and many SME and individual clients.
Latest shoots :

The APM Awards 2016

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Purdy Motorcycles

EVP-0011 EVP-0013 EVP-0022 EVP-0025 EVP-0001 EVP-0006

Wycombe Airpark on the Helipad and Sunseeker in the Solent around the Isle of Wight

Event Photo Event Photo Event Photo Event PhotoEvent Photo Event Photo Event Photo Event Photo

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Our location services takes us all over the country and overseas if required.

A 900 sq ft studio, digital imaging facility and location photographic services are available, with a flexible approach to client needs.

With our understanding of the digital needs and photo manipulation skills, we can fulfill virtually all photo requirements, including;
Advertising photography • Still life • Room sets • Product photography • Press and PR photography • Event photography • Studio portraits

We can offer many associated services and production services from Multimedia production, Website development, Video and graphics.

Our rates are reasonable too, from £300.00 per half day, £600.00 per day, £90.00 per hour PR assignments plus editing and expenses

Studio pack shots £75.00

We undertake set builds and scene creation, model bookings and MU and other specialists services.

Ask about our video production company,


CONTACT US to discuss your photographic requirements, or to make a booking.